Friday, November 11, 2011

Warrior Waves

The Sioux Center Community School District Board of Education believes in accountability for excellence at all levels.
Monday, Nov 14
Boys Basketball/Wrestling practice begins
7th/8th Boys Basketball vs Central Lyon, here, 4:15 & 5:15 pm

Tuesday, Nov 15
PLAN, EXPLORE, ITED testing – High School
NISO Children’s Concert @ Dordt, 1:30 pm
7th/8th Boys Basketball vs Rock Valley, 4:15 pm
            7th-here, 8th-there
Jr Dinner & Auction, HS Commons & Gym
            Dinner 5-7, Auction begins @ 7 pm

Wednesday, Nov 16
Early Release/Power Hour, 2:05/2:18 pm

Thursday, Nov 17
7th/8th Boys Basketball vs Hinton, 4:15 pm
            7th-here, 8th-there
IASB Convention @ Des Moines

Friday, Nov 18
No school events

Saturday, Nov 19
Girls Basketball @ Lawton-Bronson Jamboree
Hall of Pride scrimmage JV/V Boys Basketball @ LeMars, 5:30 & 7 pm
State Bowling Competition @ Des Moines

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Innocence lost

I am wondering if supporters of Joe Paterno who were at his home last night are considering innocence lost and the damaged lives of young boys.

Warrior Waves

The Sioux Center School Board believes in the value of each employee.

Monday, Nov 7
High school girls basketball practice begins

Tuesday, Nov 8
Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:30-8:30 pm

Wednesday, Nov 9
Early Release/Power Hour, 2:05/2:18 pm

Thursday, Nov 10
Parent/Teacher Conferences, 4:30-8:30 pm

Friday, Nov 11
No school

Fall Play, Greater Tuna, TePaske Theater, 7 pm

            General admission, tickets available @ the door or @ the High School office

Saturday, Nov 12
No school activities

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Having Fun with Learning

PIRC recognizes there are many types of family engagement, and research reveals that learning at

home seems to have the biggest impact on student learning. Positive learning at home, beyond homework,

strengthens connections between academic skills and life skills, builds background knowledge,

and promotes discovery and exploration. The following article honors families for supporting important

learning at home.
It has been said in a variety of ways that “Families are a child’s first and most influential

teacher.” Our children learn important skills and knowledge both at school and at home.

How can we partner with schools so children can achieve their goals, develop to their potential and participate fully in their community?

Family routines and special events provide a rich backdrop for important and meaningful learning. Children need many meaningful experiences

to develop background knowledge. Through “hands on, minds on” experiences we develop important knowledge about how the

world works. We continue to develop background knowledge throughout our lives. We know children who have had rich experiences have

an easier time learning to read, developing math skills and understanding science concepts. Making learning a part of your family routine

can help your child develop important background knowledge for life-long learning.

Family routines that support learning include:

Talking with your child may be one of the most important things you can do to support learning. Giving your child many opportunities

to talk with you will develop vocabulary, social skills and reflective thinking. Talk with your child about things he or she is interested

in (e.g, make comments about your child’s interests and ask open-ended questions to find out what your child is thinking.) Follow

your child’s lead. Listen carefully for opportunities to start conversations: sports, friends, food, a special TV program may all offer a

starting point for conversation. Have fun! We all learn best when we are engaged in activities that we enjoy.
Meal preparation

In addition to conversations during family meals, cooking together can provide valuable learning experiences. Children practice literacy

skills when they read recipes, information on food packages and learn new ingredient vocabulary. They learn math skills while measuring

and selecting appropriate cooking utensils. They learn science when observing the changes that occur during the cooking process.

All this while having great fun!
Leisure time

We all enjoy our leisure time. This is a special time families can spend with their children. Surround your child with books and magazines.

Read with and to your child. Select reading material together. Younger children may be interested for shorter periods of time. If

your child sees that you value and have fun reading, they will too!

All children have creative tendencies. What activities do you have at home that allow for creative learning? Buttons, fabric, construction

paper, wrapping paper and ribbon can provide for crafts that allow for creativity. It is not the product that is important, but the

process. Children learn problem solving, hand-eye coordination, and perseverance during the creative process. An inexpensive digital

camera can provide endless hours of experimentation and creativity for older children.

Your child will enjoy these activities even more, if he or she has the opportunity to experience

them with a family member.

Families can use the time they have with their children having fun exploring their world

while, at the same time, supporting learning. This valuable time together will help ensure

our children will develop the critical social-emotional, physical, language and thinking

skills necessary to be an active participant in their community.

~ Alison Bell
Iowa Statewide Parent Information Resource Center (PIRC)

Parent Involvement
with Iowa PIRC